Partial List of Projects

I. Ayer Municipal Landfill, Ayer, MA.

Cap and closure of the Ayer Municipal Landfill in accordance with the Massachusetts Department of the Environmental Protection Agency Contingency Plan. The scope of the work for the closure of the landfill was approximately 3 million dollars. LEM role included:

  • Working with engineers and construction personnel
  • Construction of retention and drainage systems
  •  Importation of 56,000 tons of regulated soils for shaping, construction, and grading
  •  Work with surveyors and construction personnel to achieve as built status in accordance with approved specifications of final design including: a) remaining inside landfill, and b) ensuring slopes and grades were functioning to divert water into retention basins and drainage system
  •  Coordinating with licensed site professionals on all materials imported to the site; maintaining the integrity of the soil’s compliance with Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP).

II. Former Fuller Mill property, 1185 Main Street, Clinton, MA.

  • Created and submitted proposal of acquisition for environmental cleanup and redevelopment to town of Clinton, MA
  • Removal and disposal of 20,000 tons of debris resulting from a fire that remained on site approximately 10 years un-remediated by previous owner
  • Requisitioned abutting parcel of land that was in mortgage default status
  • Removed and disposed of two 2000-gallon underground oil storage tanks
  • Removed 1500 tons of environmentally impacted soil to an approved disposal facility
  • Achieved final solution of Remedial Action Outcome with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection; filed June 2003 in full compliance
  • Coordinated with engineers and surveyors for approval and permitting for the development of an eleven-condominium site; site is cleaned and currently sold and fully occupied.

III. 51 Nottingham Street, Lowell, MA.

The property is a 21,000 sq. ft. commercial building contaminated by a release of 5000 gallons of #2 home heating oil from an underground storage tank.

  • Successful submission of RFP for purchase in June 2001
  • Interior gutting on build infrastructure and demolition
  • Proposed RAM plan to Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
  • Chemical inoculation encompassing thirty-two wells over a half acre area to mitigate contamination of ground soil and/or water table
  • Completed April 2005
  • Property sold June 2006

IV. Pentucket Street, Lowell, MA.

Contracted by trustees for the Aubert J. Fay Fund Charitable Trust to perform an environmental cleanup of premise

  • Identified contamination type and scope
  • Removed and disposed of approximately 2800 tons of impacted soil to approved facility
  • Restored and re-greened site to original condition
  • Coordinated with Licensed Site Professional in achieving Final Solution of Remedial Action Outcome in accordance with Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

V. Quail Ridge Country Club, Acton, MA.

Working as a subcontractor for Earth Shapers in construction of new golf course

  • Providing approximately 300,000 yards of soil for shaping and contouring new I8-hole golf course
  • Conducted chemical back analysis of site
  • Co-ordinate preparation of soil management plan for site
  • Oversaw compliance of Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) regarding reuse of unregulated soils, specifically adhering to anti-degradation stipulations of the policy
  • Coordinated trucking and relocation of soil from multiple construction and excavation projects in the Boston metropolitan area.
  • Coordinated delivery of requisitioned soil to Quail Ridge in accordance with construction schedule

VI. Shining Rock Golf Community, Northbridge, MA.

Working as subcontractor for owner in construction of new golf course and housing development

  • Provided approximately 250,000 yards of fill for shaping and contouring of golf course
  • Conduct chemical background analysis of site
  • Co-ordinate preparation of soil management plan
  • Oversee compliance of Massachusetts Contingency Plan MCP) regarding reuse of unregulated soils specifically adhering to anti-degradation policy
  • Coordinate trucking and shipment of soils from multiple Boston area  construction projects

VII. Glen Echo Housing Project, Upton, MA.

Working as a subcontractor for Pulte Homes of New England. Providing 175,000 yards of fill material to assist in construction of housing development

  • Conduct chemical background analysis of site
  • Co-ordinate preparation of soil management plan
  • Coordinate delivery of material in accordance with project schedule and comply with all state and local agencies
  • Oversee compliance of Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) regarding reuse of unregulated soils specifically adhering to anti-degradation policy

VIII. Former Amery Plastics Building, 184 Stone Street Clinton MA

Purchased property from derelict owner 2003 for purpose of environmental rehabilitation and revitalization.

• Applied for and received $175,000.00 State demolition grant 2004 for partial cost of demolition and disposal of 35000 sq ft portion of building considered severe fire hazard and environmental threat. Properly deposed of contaminated materials associated with demolition.

• Applied for and received $350,000.00 EPA Brownfield Recovery Loan for the remediation of interior asbestos in ground contaminants of lead, arsenic, PCB’s and other industry related contaminants.

• Redeveloped existing 40,000 sq ft building for commercial use creating 8 individual rental units housing 8 different businesses including AKM-E. Thus providing nearly 50 new jobs to the community.

• Restored derelict property to tax roles, and corrected a blight on the community.

• LEM committed and invested slightly under $2,000,000.00 to achieve this outcome.


LEM  Projects Affected

Harvard University

  • Harvard Law (Parking Garage)
  • 10 Oxford St
  • 12 Oxford St
  • Center for life Science
  • Genzyme Project
  • Ice Labs

Museum of Fine Arts Boston MFA

Lesley College

J F W Columbus Project


  •  Sloan School
  • Malkin Project

Simmons College

Tufts University

  • Utilities

NE Baptist Hospital

ST Elizabeth Hospital

MWRA Massachusetts Water Resource Authority

  • Charlestown Pumping Station
  • Brookline Pumping Station

U MASS Medical Sherman Center

U MASS Boston


  • Green Line Project
  • CCB Green Bush Project

Brandeis University

Cheesecake Factory Natick